Advantage Building & Roofing Contractors

Thank you for considering us for your roofing needs. Our customers and employees have made us the prosperous company we are today. Over the past decade, our commitment to integrity, service and quality has allowed us to deliver the best roofs in the industry.

We’re a little different from most roofing companies in ways that are very unique to our industry. First of all, our company is one of very few roofing contractors in the country that is certified on a federal level as 100% women and minority owned and 50% percent veteran owned. Due to the extensive requirements this certification requires (SBA 8a), our clients are assured they are doing business with a financially stable and transparent company. Furthermore, they are afforded additional peace of mind that we are compliant with government regulations stipulating that our employees are E-Verified.

We are very excited about our exponential growth throughout the years. In the first years of being in business, we focused solely on helping residential customers in areas that were deemed catastrophes.

The two of us inspected up to fifteen roofs a day and worked with insurance carriers to negotiate claims for our clients. This is still a service our Catastrophe Team provides today, as well as a service that a number of other professional & affordable roofers like these friends of ours have adopted and implemented. We are very proud to have been able to deliver such services and have heard nothing but positive feedback from other contractors.

Commercial & Residential Roofing Services

Our Commercial Roofing Division is comprised of individuals with decades of experience and knowledge. We specialize with Roof Asset Management, Repairs, and Re-Roofs of all types of commercial roofing. We use state of the art equipment on inspections and we provide the capability for our clients to log-in to their accounts so they can view and access any previous work performed as well as keep up with maintenance schedules which as been introduced to use and provided by this quality roofing supply group. This is brand new technology that is only offered by a select few around the country!

Our Corporate Office is located in the very diverse and sprawling area of Midtown Atlanta. As owners, we are fortunate to live very close to our headquarters so that we can still have hands on in operations and maintain integral roles in quality assurance and control. We also have offices in Florida, Northern Virginia, Minnesota, Illinois and Indiana which allows us to service clients with national accounts.

Maintain & Repair

We provide all three levels of service for all commercial system types: maintenance, repairs, and re-roofs. Improperly maintained roofing systems are a leading cause of premature failure of your roof. Most business owners who utilize proactive roof maintenance programs save tens of thousands of dollars or more. It is impossible to project expenses caused by downtime due to leaks, inventory damage, equipment damage, and tenant complaints.

Included in our maintenance programs, we provide fully digitized and standardized semi-annual reports of roof conditions. These reports can reveal early warnings of conditions that may affect roof integrity such as faulty air conditioning equipment, non-working drainage systems, stress movement and a host of other items. Additionally, our reports assist you in forecasting roofing costs and eliminating unplanned repairs which can save you thousands of dollars in the future.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you. Your business is greatly appreciated and you will be excited about the results we always deliver!