Advantage Building & Roofing Contractors

When catastrophes hit, insurance companies respond quickly. Major insurance carriers subcontract hundreds to thousands of catastrophe adjusters from independent firms all over the country for the purpose of immediate deployment to anywhere, at anytime. Our Catastrophe Response Team has been professionally trained to react to catastrophes in the exact same ways as the insurance companies.

Our team members have decades of experience working in hail and wind ravaged areas. There are many variables when it comes to assessing hail and wind damage. In hail claims that include roofing, insurance carriers utilize Haag Engineering standards. These standards dictate whether your claim is denied, partially denied, or approved. Furthermore, almost all insurance carriers use a software program called Xactimate to find out what line items should be allocated to a claim. Xactimate is specific to geographic location in determining what the market rate is for each line item. Insurance carriers spend thousands of dollars to make sure they are not paying out too much or too little and the pricing parameters that they define are integrated into Xactimate.

We use Xactimate on every claim. However, we take it a little further. We also integrate current building code as part of determining your proper indemnification. Essentially what that means is that because building code changes, we build your roof to make sure it is compliant with current guidelines. In many cases, policyholders are entitled up to 10% of the value of their home as a concession for code compliance.

We Work to Save YOU Money!

We always work with insurance companies by using their guidelines. We negotiate and secure full roof replacement for ninety percent of our clients. Many of our clients were previously turned down by insurance companies or were advised that their damage did not qualify. Our success rates are because of our commitment to delivering you what we have promised to do. We have always had our customers best interest in mind and work non-stop around the clock to save you money!