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Insurance companies do not make more money by denying claims. In fact, in denying claims, more funds are allocated or lost to re-inspections, arbitration, litigation, and policy cancellations than you might expect. We help by providing insurance carriers the documentation they need to say “Yes.” Proper documentation almost always includes diagrams, pictures, Xactimate estimates, and most importantly, we meet every adjuster on site to do the inspection together and evaluate your roof according to Haag Engineering guidelines.

Most highly regarded catastrophe (CAT) adjusters inspect 5-9 claims daily. Because many of our staff members have CAT adjuster backgrounds, we understand the stress, urgency, and work that are required to “close” such a high number of claims. For any of us, it is always more likely to make little mistakes or overlook items under such a tremendous amount of pressure. No one can argue that two sets of experienced eyes on a property can detect more than one person.

We provide FREE, NO COST, NO OBLIGATION INSPECTIONS and we can answer any questions you may have regarding your policy or damage. We encourage you to call us BEFORE filing a claim to make sure you have damage that qualifies. Call us today @ 404-688-9590.